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I can plan the steps of the project development, develop and deploy it. I've done it in the past. The choice of technologies is important from the begining. That's why I keep myself up to date.

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Software Development

Web, Desktop and Mobile Development. Software architecture, optimisation, automated testing, components development, bugfixing, servers management and much more...

People mentoring

Teaching of new staff, preparation of learning materials and documentation. Tasks and tickets management, low-level project management and much more...

CMS deployment

Deployment, configuration and development of components for CMS systems. Preparation for production ussage, users management, testing, security and much more...

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Tanyo Ivanov | 2023-06-25

I've got 0xxx ransomware

I've got 0xxx ransomware

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Tanyo Ivanov | 2023-05-08

RAID-1 mirror backups

In the post I am describing the setup of hard drives which I am using for my home lab

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Tanyo Ivanov | 2022-12-18

Grafana monitoring

For my current configuration, I use Grafana monitoring to monitor server and container performance. In the post you can read about Grafana and other tools like DataDog

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