This was a project who I finished through an outsourcing company named BGO Software. I was a contributor to it.
The Helth and Research department needed help with bugfixing, new features development and tickets handling in their private system named HARP.
Shortly it is a website where the people from the department of the Helth researches from the English government can review the the applications of the scientists for new medications and other projects.
From the application they can organise their work, organise meetings, approve requests and many more.

    Used Technologies

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • EntityFramework
  • ASP.NET Forms/MVC/Web API
  • Windows Services
  • Html, JavaScript, CSS, AceAdmin

Project Info

Web application used from the English government to approve or decline scientific researches.

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  • Client: BGO Software
  • Website:
  • Completed: 01 Nov 2018