Resolution of the Ransoware problem

In the last post I described how I've got a Ransoware attack from a hacker and all my backups were encrypted with a strong hashing algorithm.
I spent some time to research how this can be resolved and found that the hash cannot be decrypted.
Sometimes people paid to the hackers, but ofthen the hackers disapeared and sent some ransomware attacks in the future too, so I decided not to take any action.
The backups were not so important as I keep most of my projects in the cloud so If I remove them I will not loose a lot.

I decided to re-install everything and put strong security to my host.
I tried some famouse operation systems, but in the end I realised that there is no better system for me than DietPi!
I was not sure if it will work only on Raspberry Pi as in the name of the operation system there is a 'Pi' word, but then I opened the website and found that it works on almost any kind of machines, ARM, PC etc..
That's great!

I deleted everything, re-installed with DietPi and worked as a charm.
The CPU usage is 3 times lower thatn Debian, the RAM usage as twice less.
There are loads of pre-defined commands and backup software and it was more than better than the Debian OS that I used before.

Now I feel much better.

I had a spare Raspberry Pi and installed on it DietPi on it too.
Through the command 'dietpi-software' you can install all kind of pre-configured software.
I choosed Kodi and voila! I made a TV Box.
I had also an OctoPi OS for my 3D printers and I relised I don't need it too!
There I installed DietPi + Docker and OctoPi container for each printer instead to have a single board with single OctoPi instance.
Now I am able to manage multiple 3D Printers and send files to them in paralel.
I heared about OctoFarm docker image, but when I tested it it happened that it does not work on ARM devices even if I put the platform statement in the docker compose file.
For now I am using just the OctoPi containers and is fine as it is.

As a summay I would say that after trying more than 25 different OS I am sure that DietPi is my Favourite OS! Works everywhere, the most lightweight, predefined commands and software for everything! What can you want more! I am thinging of starting to donate them in Patreon.

Thank you for reading.