RAID-1 огледални бекъпи

I am storing the backups of my home lab and databases on a RAID-1 drive with space of 1 TB memory. There are some commands that you need to execute to setup it and maintain it. With RAID-1 the drives are synchronous and the things which are written on the one drive are written to the other too. I am using 2xSATAIII Seagate green 1TB drives. HDD is the prefered way for backups as the data can be restored from the magnetic plates in case of failure, but with the SSD would be not possible. Here it is a picture of the completed setup:

My hard drives setup are: 2xSATAIII 1TB drives for the RAID-1 mirroring where I store the data, 1x2TB SATAIII Seagate green to store media files, 1TB internal OS hard drive. Also I had some not used hard drives from before and pluged them into the system. Here are they: 1x750GB SATAIII HDD Seagate drive, 1x1TB SSD Kingston, 1x150GB HDD Seagate.

There are loads of guides how to setup RAID-1 mirror. I used this one

Then on each restart I am re-assembling the drives with this command:
mdadm --assemble /dev/md0

Then I am mounting to a location like that:
mount /dev/md0 /mnt/backups

This is a temporary solution until I found a way to re-assemble automatically or do it just by runing a cron after restart.

Mdam is lightweight and good to for creation of RAID drives and I am using it for mine.

Thanks for reading. If tou need to ask something write a comment.

Tanyo Ivanov